Springtime Cake

This is a very quick, easy, basic cake recipe that my husband taught me. It can be used for any kind of cake or cupcake, just customize as you like! Preheat your oven to 200 degC. In a large mixing bowl add the following ingredients: 200ml whipping cream (keep the plastic beaker and use to … Continue reading Springtime Cake

Indian Pudding

I am not sure why, but one Sunday a few weeks ago, I felt like making something with cornmeal that was not corn bread. So I turned to my trusty source, The Joy of Cooking, for inspiration. As it was a rather damp, cold and throroughly un-Spring-like day, the word “pudding” lept out at me … Continue reading Indian Pudding

Summer Pudding

I don’t know why, but Summer Pudding had always seemed like one of those impossibly fussy, time-consuming desserts to make. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Yes, you do have to use cling-film (not a favourite of mine) and yes, you do need enough space in your fringe for the pudding and the weight on … Continue reading Summer Pudding

Beef Goulash

My mother-in-law has a wonderful recipe for what she calls goulash. It bears absolutely no resemblence to the Hungarian, pepper-filled classic, but it is called goulash anyway! I decided to see whether I could successfully recreate this dish using the crock pot instead of cooking it on the stove top as she does. Mission accomplished! … Continue reading Beef Goulash